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Frame Straightening

crashed_into_treeAfter a major accident, the first step is to restore the frame or unibody of a car to its original state. Using advance clamping methods and sophisticated, specialized auto frame straightening tools, the experts at Jack’s Auto Body will restore a frame to its original dimensions. Accidents can leave vehicles of all shapes and sizes mangled, bent, torn, creased, and folded like carnival pretzels. It might seem hopeless, but often such damage is reparable. However, this skill is hard earned over decades of practice and real world experience. The Pocatello community is thankful for the frame straightening services Jack’s Auto
Body can offer.

A frame straightening device is a very large and unique piece of equipment. A great deal of leverage is needed to bend heavy metal parts back to their original specifications. And, the larger the vehicle, the harder the frame is to bend. Using benches, clamps, floor systems, anchoring tools, racks, hydraulic ram kits, pumps, pulleys, levers, axles, and chains, the strong technicians at Jacks Auto Body have a notorious history of pulling even the most damaged auto frames back into shape. Motorcycles, trucks, long beds, cars, sedans, SUVs, and minivans are but a few of the vehicles whose frames we have realigned after traumatic accidents.

In this industry, there is no room for error. Even centimeters of mis-calibration can destroy the ability for an auto body repair men and mechanics to attach door frames, hoods, bumpers, engines, and drive trains back onto restored vehicles. There is no reason to risk an amateur level job when the stakes are so high. That’s why Pocatello drivers have trusted the experienced technicians at Jack’s Auto Body for so many years – we do the job, and we do the job right the first time. It’s our way of saying “Thank you, Pocatello, for providing such a fantastic community to raise a family.” In addition, it’s our way of showing our customers that we appreciate their business. Perhaps it is this dedication to excellence and love of the small town business environment which has inspired our clients to refer us to their friends, neighbors, family members, and co-workers. 

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